A little about me.

During my free time, photography has always been a passionate hobby. I can’t imagine life without captured images of past times. After spending 15 years in the transportation industry, enjoying the international world of logistics, I decided to take a leap of faith and embrace my calling. After all, in the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take…

I have been capturing on-location family portraits, high school senior, children and wedding photos for over five years. With over ten years in animal rescue, my hands-on volunteer and independent work in Henry County, Georgia has awarded me the experience of photographing a variety of animals and pets, all with unique personalities. My husband and I share our home with five dogs, two goats, a teenager and are usually fostering a homeless animal, or two. It is my privilege to be a part of the process in saving the abandoned and neglected animals of our community. Because of my love and dedication to our pets and the rescue animals I work with, I decided to add pet photography to my business.

I also handle bookkeeping for my husband’s business. I could not have realized this dream without his support. When asked what photography equipment I use, my best response is “My Eyes.” As for name brand, I shoot with Canon.

I would like to recognize my personal photography trainer, Vitos of Vitos St.Rose Photography ( www.vstrose.com ). Under his guidance, I have learned so much about the wonderful world of “Light” and the essential elements of being a great photographer.

Giving Back To The Community.

Working with the homeless animals is a cause very dear to me. I have been a part of animal rescue for over ten years and will continue my involvement as long as I’m able. I donate my time to local non-profit organizations by photographing pets available for adoption for website and marketing publications. We also foster as our schedules permit. Along with my time, my husband and I financially support this cause on a monthly basis. Please contact me via email if you are affiliated with a non-profit organization that may benefit from my services.