Paws & Smiles Photography

by Shenan Griffin

Paws & Smiles of Henry county in Locust Grove, Georgia specializes in cost-friendly, custom on-location family, children, pet and special occasion photography. An indoor studio is also available to capture your special memories. Whether it’s a family session to include your furry companion, newborn, high school senior or wedding shoot, my fun and unique style will capture the true essence of you, your family and pets and the love you share with them.

I have been producing outdoor, on-site family and special occasion portraits for over five years. I take great pleasure in the diversity of my work. Some days are spent photographing weddings, or capturing the first portraits of a newborn child. Others may be spent with high school seniors excited about their upcoming graduation, a family with their beloved pet or a couple celebrating their new engagement. Regardless of the occasion, it is gratifying to apply my passion for capturing life’s sweetest memories in the form of heirloom quality images for my clients. The time and energy invested at each session is just a small portion of what is actually involved in the process. When you put your heart into something you love, the end result is satisfaction. When I am able to smile at each finished proof, I know this quality of work will generate satisfied customers.

To most, our pets are precious members of the family. They give us unconditional love, joy and contribute to longer, healthier lives. These are just a few reasons we consider them true companions, and why I welcome them at your session.

“My work involves producing vivid, intense and emotional images of people and animals” “Natural light, laughter and smiles give a photo lasting life”

Photography is a way of feeling, of seeing, of loving. What you catch on film is captured forever…it remembers little things long after we have forgotten.